6 Reasons Why Free Lunches Will Spice Up Your Bland Office

Catered lunches are one of the most cost-efficient ways to keep your workers engaged, happy and as stuffed as a pig at a slop circus. Below are 6 reasons that will convince you that catered lunches are exactly what your office needs.

It’s the perk to end all perks

Your staff will be so engorged every day that they won’t even be able to concentrate, so you won’t have to worry about supplying any other less worthwhile benefits like retirement plans or maternity leave.

Lettuce Enjoy Lunch
Lettuce Enjoy Lunch

Catered lunches provide incredible financial value

Purchasing more food than is necessary to feed all of your employees is inevitable when catering lunches since many of your workers are likely to be vegans with weak appetites. This seemingly-expensive food waste is a great tax benefit for your company as you’ll be able to write off tens of thousands of dollars per year. Additionally, gluten-frees are not a protected class so you’ll be able to easily identify and fire them for cause saving you money on their salaries.

It’ll get your employees talking

Catered meals are always a topic of conversation for your employees which is great for engagement and retention. A lot of times you’ll hear them complaining about the food options not living up to their high expectations. These complaints are great for company morale they allow people to blow off steam by slam dunking their three-quarters-full plates into the compost bin.

Slam Dunk Perk
Free lunches are a slam dunk perk.

You can do no wrong while there are catered lunches

It’s difficult to identify the perks that your employees will really enjoy. Catered lunches are one of those types of perks. Your workers will love this perk so much that they will revolt if you ever hint at getting rid of the lunches. Clearly, having free lunches will trivialize all other things, so you can can do anything you want to your employees without any blow-back like blatantly sexually harassing them in front of their peers.

Your employees never have to leave the office

You will not risk losing work efficiency by having your employees out of the office roaming around town trying to find a sandwich. Employees that are in the office for the entire working day will learn to develop healthy work and personal habits and thus will better throughput.

Work Hard, Sleep Harder
Work Hard, Sleep Harder

You can test your employees’ immune systems

Catered lunches are a great way of weeding out the weaker workers that might be under your employ. Assess your staff’s immune systems by featuring dishes containing nuts, shellfish, and human fecal matter – anyone that has a negative reaction to any of these things should have it brought up at their next performance review when discussing potential areas for improvement.

Perflatulence Review
Perflatulence Review

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